quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess is part of Princess Cruises fleet and the cruise liner is one of the most luxury vessels of this owner. But not only luxury is important in cruise shipping. The vessel has deadweight of 116,000 metric tons and just when you imagine that accommodation space is about 3 acres you will understand the measurements of the vessel. Caribbean Princess can carry more than 3,000 passengers and everyone may feel the beauty of the cruise shipping and it offers one feature that is special only for Princess cruises – Movies under the stars. That is a cinema made on the upper deck, where you may watch your favorite movies under that stars in the hot summer days. But the interesting facts about Caribbean Princess in not finished. The vessel has more than 90 balcony staterooms and 25 wheelchair-accessible staterooms. The restaurants that will make your lunches and dinners are all more than 4 stars. Absolute leader from them is Gourmet Restaurant with tradition on Princess Cruise vessel. The restaurant offers alternative dining options or traditional kitchen from more than 40 countries. You spare time, can be very interesting on board. When we start with adventure program for young people, organized on board and we finish with some of cultural halls, where you may watch theatres, read books or just see some pictures of famous painters. With these interesting halls, there are 6 cafes, where you may drink your coffee and talk with your friends via internet. Also on board has all necessary facilities for your free time – Spa hall, aerobic room, fitness hall, jogging tracks outside and of course yoga hall. For people that like collective sports, you may practice Golf, also swim into some of the large pools on board, which in fact are 4 at all. And here is just a beginning of your tour on board of Caribbean Princess. You may also make a shopping tour in some of the most beautiful boutiques, where you will find everything – from jewelry to designer clothes. And you should ask – “What about night life on board?”. Night life is beginning with rising of the moon. So there are seven bars, all with interesting motives of designers, 1 pub for people, who like traditions and 2 disco-clubs will make you feel absolutely perfect on the night. Also the ship has a teen disco, where your children may spend the night with nice company of other children on their age. Don’t worry. They will come back, when they decide. Also the vessel has all facilities for your hobbies. The state rooms had been divided into 5 categories. The luxury apartments are situated on the upper decks, with large balconies and perfect ocean view. The apartments from that type are expensive, but the luxury style is all around. The VIP apartments are also situated on the same place, but a little bit smaller. You will feel there like a king too, in spite of the lower price. Categories continue with the third one. There are rooms with balconies. These rooms are large, not like luxury and VIP one, but are situated lower into the deck division. The final two categories are rooms without balconies, on the lower decks. That is the lowest price rooms and smallest one. In spite of this you will feel perfect on such cruise with Caribbean Princess, because this ship is made to bring you a pleasure. The Caribbean Princess was put on water on the year 2005. The ship has a length of 290 meters and a beam of 36 meters. The depth of Caribbean Princess is 63 meters, and with these measurements the vessel has s deadweight of 116,000 metric tons. The crew on board is 1,200 members and the port of registry is Bermuda. That is the Caribbean Princess cruise ship, which is one of the most beautiful vessel is Princess Cruise fleet.

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